Welcome to Smiley Photography!

Thank you for considering us for your photo experience.

We love shooting weddings, senior and family portraits. We also enjoy photographing maternity, newborns and children.

It is our goal to exceed your expectations as we capture this important moment for you and your family.

At Smiley Photography, we strive to give you top quality photographs that will give you long lasting memories to look back on.

It is as important and significant to us as it is to you to make sure you get the images you want and deserve.

We are here to suit your needs for any special event!

About Kirstin (Smiley) Bayliss

I am an '08 graduate of The Ohio Institute of Photography and Technology.

Choosing photography as a career was partially a spur of the moment idea, that sprung into a love and passion for the art.

Photography is not a job to me, its something I never get tired of and I always enjoy every photo shoot.

The best part about photography is you can try something new every shoot. It's never dull!

I love seeing how nervous a client will be at the beginning of the shoot and turn into a professional model by the end, needing no direction from me. Or Seeing a parents reaction to the final product,

or having someone tell you they cried when they saw the slideshow you made for them.

How could you not love a career that gives you that every day?

Also..I got hitched! So, though my name has changed from Smiley to Bayliss, the photography will remain Smiley Photography!

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Located in Bellefontaine, Ohio